Room To Grow

Having trouble remembering something?
Write it down.

Having trouble working through a problem?
Write it down.

Trying to explain an idea to yourself and others?
Write it down.

That's the default approach for unpacking thoughts from our cramped minds. You write them down. It isn't necessarily bad advice, but sometimes writing can feel lacking. If you're visually-inclined and possess fine motor skills, then you can draw your thoughts. Computers have brought comparatively little to the table, merely offering us digital paper, digital whiteboards, digital to-do lists, enhanced copies of the originals. To their credit, at least now we can erase our mistakes and draw perfectly straight lines, and copy/paste is pretty incredible when you really think about it.

...and yet...

I've long wished for a different approach for sorting out my thoughts. I wanted building blocks to play with. Little simple shapes that I can stack on top of each other to build bigger ideas. A landscape of stacked shapes to capture the big picture. I wanted stuff to move a certain way in response to certain things. I wanted...something.

That's the hardest part about this project. Figuring out what this all is. It almost sounds like I'm describing a game, but these aren't really games. This talk of building blocks implies that it's a construction set, but what am I trying to build? The early prototype looks a lot like a whiteboard, but this is so much more than a whiteboard. What is all this?

They're gardens. Well, not literal gardens. They're Gardens, if you will. Gardens of thoughts. Gardens of ideas. Gardens as an extension of your mind.

And Glyph Garden, Glyph Garden is a tool for building them. I really like the construction set metaphor though. So, let's say that Glyph Garden is more than a tool. It's a construction set. Glyph Garden is a construction set for building Gardens.

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